What Is Active Trim And How Does It Apply To Efficient Boat Running?


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One of the key elements to having a soft, dry, comfortable boat ride on the water is trimming your boat efficiently. Starting off the boat is trimmed all the way down, that will help us get on plane quickly. Once we get up to about 30mph we will start to trim the motor up and there is a sweet spot there when you get the trim perfectly.

When you get it just right the haul comes out of the water and the boat starts going faster and runs really efficiently. If you trim it down it can change the fuel economy from 10 miles per gallon to 15 miles per gallon. So this is a huge help in fuel efficiency.

Mercury Marine came out with Active Trim, so instead of having to watch the trim and constant move it up and down, the engine will do the trim automatically. The Motor will automatically trim down when you need to get up on plane, then once you get up on plane it will automatically turn the trim up to the optimal angle to save fuel. Also if you ever need to adjust your trim you can turn it to manual and adjust it yourself. It’s an amazing invention to help with fuel economy and improve the smoothness of your boat ride.

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