How to Tie the Clinch Knot with Mono

The Clinch Knot, also called the Fisherman's Knot, is one of the most commonly used fishing knots.  While commonly used, it is exceptionally strong and is used in both fresh and saltwater for a wide variety of gamefish.

There are a few versions of this knot.  A simple Clinch knot is just 5 times around the line and then back through the hole above the hook eye.  With heavier line, like 15-20 lb, this can work fine, an Improved Clinch is the same knot but the tag end returns back through another loop.  Returning the tag through the other loop can make this knot much stronger and slip less.  I use the Improved clinch on lighter lines but find that a simple clinch works well for many applications such as bonefish.

In this video, I show how to tie the simple Clinch with Mono.  I have other videos that you can see how the knot is tied with high visibility cord.

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