How To Tie The Non Slip Mono Loop

Non Slip Mono Loop Knot

In Lefty Kreh's book, Practical Fishing Knots, he devoted several pages (as I remember) to a loop knot that he called the Non Slip Mono Loop.  If you don't know who Lefty Kreh is, he is the man who has singlehandedly given more to the sport of flyfishing than any 10 others combined.  He is the Godfather, the main expert voice in flyfishing and also one of the nicest gentlemen that I have ever met.  Lefty has been nice to me every time our paths have crossed and I think extremely highly of him.  All that aside, Lefty Kreh is also meticulous.  He will try everything over and over until he finds the very best way.  Knots are not an exception to that and when he says that a knot is the strongest or the best, you can take it to the bank. 

His favorite loop knot is the Non Slip Mono Loop and so I gave it a try a long time ago.  It quickly became a favorite of mine as well but only for a few applications.  I LOVE this knot for bonefish and permit flies or anywhere that I want a loop knot in light tippet.  I call light tippet anything from 2 lb to 20 lb test.  When I go over 20 lb with a shock tippet, I prefer other knots.  You can check out this blog post on the best Tarpon loop knots to see which I prefer for heavier lines and why I like one knot the best.

If you want a loop knot for bonefish, permit, redfish, trout or other fish that does not require a shock tippet, the Non Slip Mono loop is and excellent choice.

Here is how to tie the Non Slip Mono Loop.  If the video does not display for you, please click here

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Tom Rowland