How To Tie The Slim Beauty Knot

Here is a step by step instructional video on how to tie the Slim Beauty.  If it does not display, please click here

The Slim Beauty Knot was created by Simon Becker and myself in a small apartment in Key West in an attempt to eliminate the Bimini Twist from our tarpon leaders and create an easier, faster and more compact tarpon leader.  We had returned from dinner at The 5 Star Cafe in Key West.  It has since closed, but that night will forever be remembered because our waitress had nicknames for all of us.  They all started with Slim.  One was Slim Slick, another was Slim Daddy and she called me Slim Beauty.  Pretty funny.

When this knot started to work, we decided it would be called the Slim Beauty. 

Since that night, the knot has literally spread around the world in an impressive grass roots, word of mouth campaign which is even more interesting when you factor in that it made it around the world before the internet! 

It is a great knot that has all kinds of uses.