How To Tie The TR Knot for Braid to Fluorocarbon [VIDEO]

TR Knot for Braid to Fluorocarbon

The TR knot is a hybrid knot that takes the best qualities of the FG/Sebile/Delph knot and combines them with the Uni Knot.  I came up with this knot because I really liked the FG/Sebile/Delph knot, but it would not work well with some brands of braid combined with some brands of fluorocarbon.  When the FG knot is able to grab, it is the strongest connection, in my opinion, but I experienced some frustration with a few brands and finishes.

The TR Knot uses the constriction qualities of the FG knot, a Bimini Twist and a stopper knot to form a very strong and compact knot.  I have liked this knot and have received good feedback on it thus far.  It is still in the testing phase, but I am excited about it and have continued to use it.

Try this one and let me know what you think and what applications you are using it.  Click here if the video does not display.

Here is a second video shot from a different angle that might help.  If it does not display, please click here.

All the best,

Tom Rowland