Barracuda Cast Nets | The Best Cast Net Ever Thrown

Barracuda Tackle has a history of developing high quality fishing tackle, but in the the mid-1900’s they actually were manufacturing parts for the U.S. Navy. After the war ended, Barracuda Tackle picked up the fishing game and they began looking into cast nets.

Today, Barracuda is making the best and most innovative cast nets on the market. Not only do they come in custom colors, but they come with the easiest opening nets we have ever thrown, making these “Famous Fish Getters” our favorite.

In our world, a cast net is not only a necessity, but a crucial piece of equipment used day in and day out. We are constantly looking for the best, and we have found them. Whether inshore, offshore, big baits or small, Barracuda nets have a wide selection that allows us to have the perfect net for every situation.

If you are looking for a new net, give these guys a serious look.

Thats all for now,

Capts Tom & Rich