Top 3 Fishing Knots For Braided Line To Fluorocarbon Leader

A strong and simple knot from braid to fluorocarbon leader resulted in landing this awesome little tarpon

A strong and simple knot from braid to fluorocarbon leader resulted in landing this awesome little tarpon

When I do a seminar, there are two questions that are asked the most frequently:

1.  How did you become a guide or how can I fish for a living?

2.  How do I attach braided line to monofiliment or fluorocarbon?

I will go deep on how you can become a fishing guide in future posts, but you can read these posts that I have already written in the meantime: (Click the links to go directly to the articles)

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But in this post, let's talk about knots. 

Braided line has tons of advantages, but many people are intimidated by it because it often requires a leader and that requires a "special knot".  Many fishermen know how to tie on a lure, but sometimes struggle with the line to line knots.

Here are my top 3 braided line to fluorocarbon or monofiliment knots.  They are all easily tied and you can learn them in just a couple of minutes.  I did 42 knot videos YouTube.


1. The Uni Knot. 

As you will see in this video, the Uni knot is really the only knot you need for about 95% of all fishing whether in freshwater or saltwater.  It can be used for attaching a lure or hook, attaching two lines together and for attaching the line to the reel.  It also functions as a supremely strong connection between braided line and fluorocarbon.  The Double Uni can be tied with or without a Bimini Twist in the braided line. Check out this video and post any questions to the comments:


2. The J Knot-

The J Knot was first shown to me by Dave Justice.  It is very similar to a double uni but instead of 2 Uni knots, we tie a Uni knot with the leader and then an improved clinch with the braided line.  I like this because it is fast, strong and forms a little ramp on one side that helps this knot slide through the guides a little better than other knots.  I also like the fact that it does not require a Bimini Twist to tie a strong knot.  Give this one a try and I believe that you will like it and have good results.


3. The Aussie Quickie

The Aussie Quickie was shown to me by Scott Walker from Into the Blue.  Scott is a perfectionist of the highest degree and when he believes in something, I listen.  His tackle is prepared identically and every rod uses the Aussie Quickie as the connection from the Braided Line to the Fluorocarbon.  The only disadvantage to this knot is that it requires a Bimini Twist in the braided line.  If you don't know the Bimini or need to brush up on it, I have included another video below the Aussie Quickie.

One More...

The Bimini Twist

Not all connections require a Bimini, but it can help with overall knot strength.  The Aussie Quickie is the only one here that requires it.  If you need to learn it, check it out below.


No need to be afraid of the braided line to fluorocarbon knots any more...I have listed the top 3 in my opinion.  Post some pictures to our Instagram or Facebook of the big fish you catch with these knots!

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Tom Rowland

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